Building a Japanese society that is easy for immigrants to live in

Hello everyone!

My name is Takahashi from WILLDesign Inc.

Today, I would like to write about WiLL Design’s thoughts on “a Japanese society that is easy for immigrants to live in”. It will be a bit long, but I hope you would like this challenging story.

We, WiLLDesign, Inc. are an offshore development company.

With our strength in high cost performance IT development, we aim to be a “close IT development partner” based on the concept of “SANPO YOSHI” for our clients, users, and employees.

Business Activities

・Mobile app development

・Web app development

・E-commerce development

・Website development

・POS register system (scheduled for release in summer 2024)

We assign the most suitable resources to meet our clients’ needs based on our strong network of approximately 5 million engineers in 12 countries overseas. Offshore development is completed inexpensively, quickly, and with high quality. This is the reason why we continue to be a close IT development partner.

Our Goal

In the mid- to long-term, we aim to realize a society in which it is easy for immigrants to live in Japan.

The reason for this is that we believe that resources for immigrants will become more important in Japanese society in the near future.

In order to improve this situation, where Japan’s working population is certain to decline due to the falling birthrate and aging population, reforms in both quantity and quality are necessary.

We are,

Quality: DX-ing of companies

Quantity: Attracting immigrants to live in Japan

We believe that this is the key to improvement.

In DX, we will continue to support as many companies as possible with our powerful development capabilities.

As for immigrants, we would like to use a technology as a hook to make Japan a better place to live from various perspectives, and create an environment where they can not only play an active role, but also settle in and help raise the next generation in Japan.


There are two reasons why we are tackling this issue.

1.Difficulties in life that the CEO himself felt.

The inconvenience of living in Japan is because of the language barrier, which he has felt since he came to Japan at the age of 8. And that is the reason why we are doing this project.

He always wonders, ‘Why doesn’t anyone help when I’m in needed? Simple government procedures shouldn’t be this complicated… With the increasing number of immigrants in Japan, there must be many who feel the same way.’ As he speaks out on an issue that resonates with many, more and more people, like him, are raising their voices.

We feel it is our mission in this project to support such people and create an environment where it is easy to live in Japan with technology.

2.Japan’s working population will decrease by approximately 20 million people by 2050.

In a Japanese society where the working population is expected to decrease and the number of elderly people over 65 years old is expected to increase, what is important is a “diverse workforce”, including immigrants, maximizing their value by making full use of digital technology.

The 23-year Kishida Cabinet has also implemented ¥2.8 trillion in support for transportation infrastructure in the ASEAN region and human resource development for 5,000 people in the ASEAN region, which already suggests a way to engage with overseas workers that looks decades into the future.

Our Mission

・Realize a society in which all immigrants can live happily using digital technology.

・Realize a society in which all immigrants can establish their life cycle in Japan.

・Realize a society that can increase the number of second-generation children who will lead Japan in the future.  


Our direction is the same as the government’s Society 5.0, and we aim to realize a Japanese society where people of all nationalities can play an active role and settle in regardless of their nationality.


The first step toward realizing our mission is to implement the development of a POS cash register.

We will release an AI-equipped cash register for restaurants operated by immigrants in Japan that can be used in their own language in 2024 summer.

Doing business in a foreign country is not easy. Our representative is keenly aware of this, having seen his father’s stores and other businesses since he was a child.

This is because there are so many things are complex.

For example, if we knew and could analyze the data of customers who visit a store, such as gender, age, time of day, frequency, and price per customer, we could use this information to improve the store.

If you have a young female customer who comes once a month on average, you can improve a store that makes that person want to come twice a month.

If these measures are to be taken, they need to be read from the POS register data and utilized.

The POS cash registers we make can see those data in their own language, and we want them to improve the quality of store management.

Also, in Japan, there are many government programs that give business owners money. The application process is very complicated and very difficult for foreigners to understand. We will provide a cycle that allows people from any country to understand these systems and efficiently receive money from the government and use it for their business.

We will support the sustainable development of restaurant business by introducing the POS system with generated AI technology and using government subsidies, so that every restaurants owner can increase their business opportunities.

This is the first step in a large-scale project that will create a new shape for Japan in the coming decades. The number of immigrants in Japan has increased by approximately 1.2 million since 2012. If you are interested in building this lifecycle of “learn, work, get married, raise children, and create the next generation” in such a remarkable Japan, let’s build the next Japan together!

Thank you for reading to the end.

Please look forward to our future activities!


Building a Japanese society that is easy for immigrants to live in